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Projekte Merger & Acquisition 

Commercial due diligence of a leading global generics company

Private equity Germany

Commercial vendor due diligence of a specialty pharma company (supportive oncology, tuberculosis, CV, medtech devices)

Owner sell-side  Germany

CDD Pharmaceuticals production (CMO) Switzerland

Private equity (CMO) France

Commercial due diligence of a leading private hospital chain
Private equity Germany

Preparation of the sale of the company and the vendor commercial due diligence
Pharmaceutical company in Germany


Development of the information memo, search for a buyer and first contact, support for the owners during the sale of the company
Mid-sized pharmaceutical company Germany

Information memorandum and support in investor search for Ukrainian pharmaceutical company
Ukraine M&A consultant

Commercial due diligence of a nursing home chain
Private equity Germany

Commercial due diligence of a detoxification and burn-out clinic
Private equity Germany


Due diligence and market assessment for a dialysis provider
Medical technology (service) Europe


Commercial due diligence of several leading private nursing home providers (both buy-side and sell-side)
Private equity Germany

CDD mail-order pharmacy
Private equity Germany

100 day intregation plan of two EU based pharma companies

Pharma company France

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