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Kooperationen und Netzwerke 

ALEA Life Science arbeitet in Europa, Ost-Europa und in China mit einen starken Netzwerk zusammen. Wir kennen und schätzen uns aus den gemeinsamen Zeiten bei anderen Beratungen. Wir arbeiten seit Jahren erfolgreich für unsere Kunden zusammen.  

Unsere Kooperationspartner


About Eirhub

Eirhub is a professional consulting firm advising Life Sciences organizations engaged in Pharmaceuticals, MedTech, Digital Health, and Healthcare industries.

We support various industry stakeholders on market access topics, regulatory environment assessment, market analysis and intelligence, executive search, recruitment, and talent mapping.

Our Ukrainian roots inspire us to help rebuild our country, accelerate its integration into the European Union, and align existing consulting experience with European values and best practices of doing business.

We have worked together on several Pharma Due Diligence projects on domestic pharma companies in the Ukraine. Some of our joint projects were conducted on the initiative of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

ManageArt Logo.jpg

About ManageArt


ManageArt team support Pharma & Chemical clients analyzing their performance and defining and implementing the adequate action plan to improve and achieve competitiveness goals.

ManageArt has developed an unique pharma operations benchmarking tool called Exben - excellence benschmarking -  which is a comprehensive comparison tool uses a proven methodology to quantify points of improvement and efficiency at a pharmaceutical plant or API production plant to improve its results.

We have worked together on pharma operations due diligence and improvement projects in Germany.

About Inovigate

Inovigate, an independent strategy and management consulting company operating in the European Life Science and Healthcare industry. Strong focus on BeNeLux, France and Switzerland on e-health, market studies, vaccine landscape, fund raising. Industry focus MedTech and Biotech, Biotech VC

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